[vicious collective] your local friendly DIY Collective have launched Issue No.1 [winter] of their new quarterly magazine VICIOUS DAILY.

Featuring illustrations from Conrad Armstrong and contributions from Catarina De Moura, Zilcho Hamblin & Nuha Ruby Ra.


The Vicious Collective research team have been wading through the quagmire of truth and corrupt information - AKA The ecto-news-plasm since January 2019, producing #VICIOUSDAILY 5 days a week on their social media platforms. They now present their findings from the first 3 months, accompanied by insipid scribbles, poetry and prose as a luxury DIY limited edition zine.

Watching and Laughing. With you, not at you. At them, not for them. Cackling with the morning to accompany our VC tablets and salty tears drops from the crying eye.
Stay niche and die trying.


64 page collectable zine, sold in protective transparent wallet with white backing board.

vicious daily no.1