Conrad Armstrong is a multi-disciplinary artist, writer & activist living and working in London. Born in Lambeth 1989, he has been mentored since 2007 as a protegee by renowned British Artist Maggi Hambling, CBE. 

     Conrad is a founding member of Vicious Collective, an experimental DIY arts community based in Hackney Wick. Conrad’s work is about inversion. He has developed a unique artistic practice, abandoning the traditional canvas for a radical material process that involves layers of paint and plastic melted together with fire. However, all certainty is hubris, Armstrong is constantly deconstructing his own practise, subverting the trappings of a commercial artist and painter and decorator of patterns. Experimenting with new formats, materials and mediums he has never found his comfort zone and wouldn’t know what to do with one if he ever got there.

     The only thing that remains certain in the work of Conrad Armstrong is his fierce commitment to uncertainty and reinvention. Armstrong’s process of creation through sensitive demolition, is a method that attempts to imitate the natural germination of seeds by forest fires and the forced bulldozing of communities in the name of regeneration…


     Armstrong was described by art critic Norman Rosenthal as a ‘Constructivist Expressionist’. Featured as one of the top 10 artists to watch out for in 2017 by Artists and Illustrators Magazine, he has been featured in Articles by Love Magazine, ID, Vice, Judas Magazine, The Londonist, The Quietus, Nonagon (Hong Kong), Saatchi Gallery Magazine, So It Goes Magazine (USA), Another Magazine and FAD Magazine.


“one of the most exciting emerging artists in London, morphing images of bucolic beauty together with a disturbed dystopian vision.”

- Jake Chapman

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